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Practical Bitcoin for the Student away from home

- a guide for beginners
Johan Claeys
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set up his wallet and receive funds from his family
confidently pay his way with bitcoin
know how to rescue his mobile wallet if his phone is lost or the battery has died

This course will take the beginner through the basics of the new world of bitcoin cryptocurrency.

Sophisticated concepts are dealt with in a light-hearted way, but the student will be able to gain practical benefit almost immediately.

The curriculum covers how the system was developed only in 2008 as a response to the global financial crisis. By releasing the code to the world as open-source, the initial developer has allowed many minds to take the concepts further, and the systems behind bitcoin are very likely to underpin many future applications, like the registration of domain names and transfer of sensitive information.

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Introduction to the course
In this lecture you will meet your instructor, Johan Claeys, who will take you through the way that the course will work, and show you where you can find the extra resources, make notes and ask questions.
What is bitcoin?

By the end of this lecture you will have a clear concept of what Bitcoin is as a payment tool and how it differs from classical banking.

Bitcoin is not a Company - you can't buy stock!

In this lecture you will learn how bitcoin is not owned by any company, and why it can be trusted as a payment system.

Why is bitcoin relevant to students?

In this lecture you will learn why bitcoin is a perfect match for the world of the student.

Who is....

What's the name of the inventor of Bitcoin

A basic bitcoin transaction

You can't flip a bitcoin!

In this lecture you will understand how bitcoin is nothing like the picture of the shiny coins - a bitcoin is a digital construct only.

Unlocking the funds using a 'private key'

In this lecture you will learn how the funds controlled via a 'private key'.

A basic bitcoin transaction

In this lecture you will learn how a bitcoin transaction works.

What is a bitcoin wallet?

In this lecture you will learn about the different kinds of wallets that will enable you to send and receive bitcoins.

How do bitcoins enter the system, and who is paying the miner?

In this lecture you will find out how bitcoins are 'mined' - rather like gold in the real world - and how the 'miners' are rewarded.

How about a bitcoin wallet?

Creating wallets for you and dad

Helping dad set up his own web wallet

In this lecture you will learn - step-by-step - how your dad should set up his own web wallet, in order to transfer bitcoin to you.

How to set up your own wallet

In this lecture you will learn - step-by-step - how to set up your own mobile phone wallet, so that you can receive bitcoin from your dad (and spend it!).

How does dad gets bitcoin into his own new wallet?

In this lecture, you will learn how your dad can load his web wallet with bitcoin, and why he might like a mobile wallet, too.

Dad, I'm broke - can you help me urgently?

In this lecture you will learn how your dad can send you bitcoin from his web wallet, and how he might like to provision his mobile wallet, too, if he is travelling without his computer.

How do I know that my bitcoins have arrived?

In this lecture, you will learn how to be sure that dad has correctly transferred the funds to you wallet.

How about a bicoin transaction

Where can I spend my bitcoin?

Stores where you can buy things with bitcoin

In this lecture, you will learn about the online stores where you can make everyday purchases using bitcoin.

Paying your rent and utilities with bitcoin

In this lecture, the student will learn how in Europe a service exists to allow payment of things like rent and utilities. You will learn how to check for a similar service in the country where you are living.

Happy birthday - your bitcoin is in your card!

In this lecture you will learn how to give someone bitcoin via a paper wallet.

How about a paper wallet?


Help, dad, I've lost my mobile wallet!

In this lecture, you will learn how there are built-in security mechanisms for protecting your bitcoin, and also how to re-instate your mobile wallet on a new phone.

Dad, can you help me - I've lost my private key?

In this lecture you will learn how important it is to make a secure backup of your own private key so that you don't lose access to your own funds.

My bag got stolen on the train .. thank goodness I have my mobile!

In this lecture you will learn how you can rescue yourself in situations where you have lost your bag and need urgently to pay for food and accommodation with physical coin.

My phone battery is dead - how can I get my bitcoin now?

In this lecture you with learn how to keep a special 'key' with your bunch of door keys, which will allow you to access bitcoin from your wallet even when you cannot use your mobile phone.

When you lose your private key

Extra useful bits and bobs

Interesting information sources and links
Bitcoin volatility & speculation

In this lecture you will learn why you don't always get the same amount of physical money for your bitcoin.


Due to its high volatility it is recommended to store money you can not afford b

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