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How To Build Mobile App Without Programming – Build 14 Apps!

Guide to Android, iPhone, iPad, Amazon Kindle Applications Development Tutorials Without Technical or Coding Skills!
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Build Audio App
Build Mortgage Calculator App
Build Count Down Timer App
Build Email Marketing App
Build Messenger App - With Google and Facebook Login Features
Build Slot Machine App
Build Voice Recorder App
Build Global Positioning System (GPS) App
Build Photo Sharing App
Build eBook App - Turn any PDF into eBook App
Build News Feed App
Build Memory Game App
Build Push Notifications App
Build Geo-Fencing App
Build Facebook App
Bypass Mobile App's Web Page Link to Mobile App Link
Customize Mobile App Tap - Better User Interface (UI) Design and Better User Experience (UX) Design
Discover Mobile App Monetization Secrets
Discover Precaution Steps That Need To Be Taken on Live Ads
Learn How To Use Google Analytics To Track Mobile App Activity
Learn How To Use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator in Just 20 Minutes!
Discover Online Tool To Quickly Generate Different Sizes of Mobile App Icons
Discover Ways To Engage With Mobile App Users
Learn How To Export Application Binary and Upload to Multiple Mobile App Stores

[What Is The Course About?]

This course is about building mobile apps without programming or coding skills. You will learn how to build 14 mobile apps very quickly.

[Shortcut To Mobile App Creation]

Are you on the rush in building your first mobile app or maybe you would like to build more apps to expand your mobile app empire? Then this course is for you!

We have made this course less complicated and simpler so that you can grasp virtually everything about mobile app development. If you have fundamental of using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint, then studying this course is not a burden for you!

With consice course materials in the course, you will have a quick understanding of what mobile app development is all about. If you are a fast learner, in merely hours, you can build your mobile app with variety of functions.

Forget about learning those tedious and hard-to-understand programming language. If you have a day job or maybe you are still studying then learning programming language may overwhelm you. In order to fully master programming language, you need to be focused. You may already tired after your day job or after studying whole day.

No worries anymore. Your shortcut road to mobile app success was created right here!

[What Types of Mobile Apps You Can Create?]

  • App #1: Audio App

Musics play an important part in our life. Sometimes it reduces our stresses. It cheers us up. It brings joy to us. With just couple of clicks, you can build your audio app. You can integrate your audios into the app. Just make sure you use the royalty-free musics!

  • App #2: Mortgage Calculator App

Real estate industry has never come to an end. And if you are a real estate agent or broker, then it is time for you to create an app for your potential buyers. They need this calculator that comes in handy, right from their smartphone. Integrate this feature to your mobile app and you have higher chance to close the deals.

  • App #3: Count Down Timer App

Afraid no one reminds you about important dates? Are you tend to forget easily your anniversary events? No worries. Just integrate the Count Down Timer App into your mobile app and you solve the problem.

  • App #4: Email Marketing App

Everyday there are billions of emails sent out from servers. Marketing using emails is not uncommon anymore. Every business owners should have a system that make their customers happy – an convenience way for them to contact you whenever they have inquiries. To unblock the communication barriers, just integrate the Email Marketing App into your mobile app.

  • App #5: Messenger App – With Google and Facebook Login Features

Facebook Inc. must have his own reasons to buy WhatsApp and build their own messenger. No doubt to say that messenger is an important tool to make all of us connected. Well, we have a good news for you! In just couple of clicks, you can have your own messenger app! Your app users only have to either login to their Google or Facebook account and they can start texting to other users. To make the discussion more engaged, each users will receive push notifications, so that the users won’t miss any hot discussions. Lack of exclusive feature on your mobile app? Just integrate the Messenger App into your mobile app!

  • App #6: Slot Machine App

Do you have valuable contents or gifts that you would like to share with your app users? Entice your potential app users to download your app have never been so easy! You can ask your customers to play the slot machine app to unlock your secret page. Just integrate the Slot Machine App to make your app fun!

  • App #7: Voice Recorder App

Dream of having a recording feature inside your mobile app? Look no further. Just try the Voice Recorder App and you will be amazed by its simplicity and flexibility. Besides recording the voice, you can also save the voices in an organized manner.

  • App #8: Global Positioning System (GPS) App

Want to let your customers find your place or business premises easily? With just a simple standardized link, you can inserted it into the GPS App and let your customers know the exact location of your place or business premises. While your competitors may using Paint tool to show off their maps, you can integrate the GPS App into your mobile app in just minutes.

  • App #9: Photo Sharing App

Photos equal memories. By designing your own stickers, you can integrate the Photo Sharing App into your mobile app. You can create countless of stickers and inserted them into your mobile app. We even put in a share button so that your app users can share their photos to various social media platforms.

  • App #10: eBook App – Turn any PDF into eBook App

Do you have great contents and want to share to the world? Or you already have contents in your Microsoft Word files and have not to change it to PDF files? Don’t worry. With your converted PDF, you can have your own eBook App within minutes. You can even customise your eBook App – add buttons, links and images into your eBook App. Additionally, you can also make a professionally-looking Table of Contents for your eBook App. That’s cool!

  • App #11: News Feed App

Lazy to write contents? Don’t have great contents? You have a choice to add news feed contents into your mobile app from other websites. Share those great contents to your app users without write anything. By just applying some codes on the link, you are all set. Your app users will be very happy.

  • App #12: Memory Game App

Having the dream of creating your first game app? Just pick 8 different images from any royalty-free graphics website and your memory game app can be created in just minutes. The kids will like your game!

  • App #13: Push Notifications App

Here’s the “killer weapon”. Once your app has fair amount of downloads, you can just send push notifications to your app users – in just minutes and for free! Study has showed that the open rate for push notification from apps is much higher than emails sent out from servers. So, what are you waiting for? Just integrate the Push Notifications App into your mobile app!

*We will also show you how to send push notifications to over 400,000 devices around the globe!

  • App #14: Geo-Fencing App

Let’s take advantage of this new technology. Geo-fencing is a great tool that you can leverage. Bring your company sales to a new level. Here is how Geo-fencing works – when your potential customers approach your premises (within the designated area that you set), push notifications will automatically send to their devices, telling them that they are in the vicinity of your business premises. So, with this high-tech feature, you will have a higher chance to close deals or sales. In other words, you have an unfair competitive advantage!

[Social Media Integration – A “Weapon” That You Should Not Miss!]

This is fact – there is more than 1 billion users using Facebook daily. If we were to expand our business or reach, we ought to integrate Facebook into our mobile app. However, some of app developers doesn’t include their Facebook API when building their mobile app. This maybe simply because they don’t know how to create their Facebook App correctly.

By learning this course, you will bypass those difficulties. We will teach you how to create your Facebook App CORRECTLY. On a separate note, here is the problem that faced by many newbie developers – they don’t know how to bypass their mobile app’s web page link to mobile app (for example Android) link. Your potential users may need to login to Google right after they tapped the INSTALL button on the mobile app’s web page link. This creates a barrier for your potential app users – it just lowering your mobile app downloads rate! Nevertheless, we have a solution for that! Besides that, we will tell you why not using both TinyURL and Google URL Shortener is a better move.

[Mobile App Monetisation Secrets Revealed]

Do you know how to integrate Google Admob Software Development Kits (SDKs) and other Advertising Network SDKs? Just forget about those lengthy steps. We have already solved that for you! Yes, you don’t have to touch those codes! We have already integrated those SDKs for you!

We believe keeping your works in an organised manner boost productivity. For this reason, we have included a Microsoft Excel file for you – free of charge. Besides giving away this free stuff, we also teach you how to take preventive steps to protect your advertising account from being banned by your advertising networks.

[Mobile App Analytics]

Success doesn’t come easily. That is why we will teach you how to track your mobile app activity, so that you can find your weakness and fine-tune it to make it better. Here, we will show you how to use Google Analytics to analyse your mobile app activity. No Google Analytics SDKs integration!

[Adobe Photoshop + Adobe Illustrator – Compact Lecture!]

Want to master Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator in just 20 minutes? Stop wasting your time learning those long-hours graphic design courses! Yes, in just 20 minutes, you already can master those software skills. Let others to do the graphic design jobs. What you do is this – download cool graphics from the royalty-free graphics sites and editing them to make it your own.

[Mobile App Icon Design Tool – Free!]

Many newbie developers (or even the experienced ones) do not know the existence of an online tool that can help boosting your app creation productivity. Here is what you do – create a high resolution icon just once. Next, load that image, adjust some settings and boom! You have various sizes of mobile app icons – in just seconds! It is like David Copperfield doing his mobile app…

[Mobile App Development – Final Stage]

After you are happy with your mobile app User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX), it is time to export your binary. Our binary export process is very straight forward. Just couple of clicks and wait a few minutes, your binary will be ready to upload to various mobile app stores.

By signing up this course, you will get another course for free. It is about how to deploy your mobile app to multiple mobile app stores. This is something extra for you – free of charge!

With all of the course learning materials, you will have a strong knowledge on how to create your mobile app without programming skills!


Global Mobile App Statistics And How You Can Take Advantage Of It

In this video, I will give you a very brief introduction about Global Mobile App Statistics. The internet population will increase with time so you can take advantage it. 

The App Features That You Can Create

You will be able to know the miscellaneous app features in this mobile app platform. 

The features included are: 

  • Sync - Let say you already created an app and was on Google Play Store. You can apply sync feature right from our platform. It means if you apply changes in our platform, your app on Google Play Store will get updated!
  • Push Notifications - You can send push notifications to your app users if they downloaded your apps. 
  • In-App Purchases
  • PDF Editor
  • NewsStand - for magazine apps!
  • Image Gallery
  • GPS
  • Blog
  • Facebook, YouTube and Twitter Integrations
  • A lot of menu styles for you to select
  • Ad networks included - AdMob, RevMob, iAd, etc
  • Customized Tabs
  • Google Analytics - which you can track your app users activities
  • Coupon
  • Greeting Cards
  • PhoneGap
  • ePub format - for ebook
  • Bump Technology
  • eCommerce Point of Sale (POS)
  • Create Your Own Mobile Store
How to Preview Your App?

You will be able to learn how to install third-party apps on your mobile device. You will know where to check the "Unknown Sources" option on your smartphone. 

Only then you can install the app on your mobile device. Then, you will be able to preview your apps on your mobile device. 

What Types of Mobile Apps You Can Create?

App #1 - Audio App
App #2 - Mortgage Calculator App

Real estate industry has never come to an end. And if you are a real estate agent or broker, then it is time for you to create an app for your potential buyers. They need this calculator that comes in handy, right from their smartphone. Integrate this feature to your mobile app and you have higher chance to close the deals.

App #3 - Count Down Timer App

Afraid no one reminds you about important dates? Are you tend to forget easily your anniversary events? No worries. Just integrate the Count Down Timer App into your mobile app and you solve the problem.

How To Add More Tabs?

Adding more tabs means adding additional functions to your mobile app. 

App #4 - Email Marketing App
App #5 - Messenger App - With Google & Facebook Login
App #6 - Slot Machine App
App #7 - Voice Recorder App
App #8 - Global Positioning System (GPS) App
App #9 - Photo Sharing App
App #10 - eBook App - Turn any PDF into eBook App
App #11 - News Feed App
App #12 - Memory Game App

How to Create Menu Items in Your Mobile App?

Customize Menu Item for Your Mobile App

Social Media Integration - For Advanced Learners Only

How to Create Your Facebook App - The Correct Way!
The Problem - Your Mobile App's Web Page Link versus Mobile App Link
Most Developers Don't Know This - How to Bypass Web Page Link to Mobile App Link
Why not TinyURL.com and Google URL Shortener?

User Interface Design (UI) and User Experience Design (UX)

Setting Up Your UI and UX
How to Configure or Customize Your Mobile App Tab?

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

The Design Properties - Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Other Important In-App Settings

Other In-App Settings That You Will Need To Consider About

Mobile App Monetization Secrets Revealed

How to Get Both Your Google Admob Banner ID and Interstitial ID
Download this Useful Microsoft Excel File to Keep You Organized - FREE!
Google Admob SDKs and Other Advertising Network SDKs
Precaution on Live Ads

Mobile App Analytics

How to Use Google Analytics to Track Your Mobile App Activity

Google Play Listing Properties

Get Our Free Deployment Course

Adobe Photoshop + Adobe Illustrator - Compact Lecture!

Learn Photoshop and Illustrator in Just 20 minutes!
Mobile App Icon and Splash Screen Designs

How to Engage With Your Mobile App Users?

App #13 - Push Notifications App - Better Than Email Marketing
What is Geo-Fencing?
App #14 - Geo-Fencing App - Expand Your Local Business!

Other Features

Other Features

Final Stage Mobile App Development

How to Export Your Mobile App and Ready to Upload to Mobile App Store?
Deploy Your App to Multiple Mobile App Stores - Free Course!

Business Opportunities - Create Apps For Business Owners

What Forbes. Inc. Thinks About Mobile App?
You Created App for Your Client - What You Need to Aware Of?

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy - Generate URL using Blogger.com

Apple App Store

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Upload Your App to the Apple App Store
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