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Experience the Magic of Meditation

A Beginner's Guide to Meditation
Aili Kuutan
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Stop obsessing about your thoughts and overanalyzing everything
Get into the habit of daily meditation so that you have tools to deal with your mind
Feel calmer, less anxious and more resilient to stress
Develop greater focus and concentration so that you can be more present and productive in everyday life
Experience a variety of meditation tools and techniques so you can figure out what works best for you
Set straight any misconceptions you may have about meditation that are making it unnecessarily challenging or frustrating, and stop wondering if you're "doing it right"
Use downloadable MP3 recordings of the meditation practices to meditate whenever and wherever you want

Meditation’s good for you – in theory. But do you ever run into challenges putting it into practice?

You may find yourself wondering:

  • “Shouldn’t I be getting better at this by now?”
  • “Is this a complete waste of time? I could be crossing things off my to-do list!”
  • “Man, I really suck at this. Why isn’t this working for me??”

If you can relate, this course is for you.

Meditation doesn’t have to suck. Even if you have a busy mind, meditation can be a rewarding experience.

With the right practices and perspectives, meditation can be something you truly enjoy and look forward to – instead of something that frustrates you and makes you want to give up.

Plus with practice, you’ll become more focused, resilient and present in every moment of your life.

This course is for you if you’re new to meditation or find it more difficult than you expected it to be. It will help you develop the habit of meditation and deepen your personal practice.

You’ll be guided through integrative health coaching techniques to help you develop the habit and figure out how to fit meditation into your busy life in a way that works for you.

You’ll learn how to get the most out of your meditation practice as well as strategies to make meditation easier for people with busy minds.

Plus, you’ll be introduced to concepts related to meditation and present moment awareness to help you see new perspectives on common challenges and frustrations.

Video demonstrations as well as downloadable MP3 guided audio recordings of the meditations are included. Plus, you’ll get coaching tools to work through to help you establish the habit.

Are you ready?

There’s a 30-day money back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose.

Introduction to Experience the Magic of Meditation


Welcome to Experience the Magic of Meditation! Meet Aili, your guide for this journey. Find out what you'll learn in this course, and why this course isn't just about learning.

My story: How I got into meditation after being the biggest skeptic

Think meditation just isn't for you? Aili's story will make you think again.

How to get the most out of this course

Find out the recommended way to go through this course to get the most out of this experience.

Developing the habit of meditation: How to set yourself up for success


Find out why this section is included in here and what you can do to find sustainable motivation for meditation.

Finding deeper motivation to meditate

Why do you want to meditate? At some point, when the going gets tough, you'll be asking yourself this question... and you'll need a good answer to it to keep going with meditation.  This lecture will help you find it.

3 keys to success for developing the habit of meditation

Find out the 3 keys to success for developing the habit and how to apply them to yourself, so that you can set yourself up for success with meditation.

The best way to get started with meditation

The hardest part of establishing a new habit is often getting started. Find out the best way to get over that hurdle so that you can get into the habit of meditation.

2 strategies to help you stay on track with meditation

Learn two strategies to help you stay on track with your meditation practice.

Deepening your practice: How to get the most out of meditation


Want to make sure you get the most out of your meditation experience? This section will help you do that.

4 things you need to decide before you meditate

Make the most of the time you have for meditation by deciding these 4 things before you meditate.

The best kinds of meditations for people with busy minds

Meditation can be hard to get into for people with busy minds.  Learn why certain types of meditations can make it easier for you to keep your attention focused.

What to do if your mind is still busy

If you're still finding your mind constantly challenging and frustrating in meditation, even when you're practicing the best kinds of meditations for people with busy minds, there's something else you can try that will help. Learn what that is in this lecture.

The secret to experiencing the magic of meditation

Getting to the sweet spot in meditation ultimately comes down to one thing. This lecture explains what that is.

Getting past excuses: How to deal with obstacles that get in the way

"I don't have time."
"It's too weird for me."
"I'm scared."
"This is gonna suck."
"I don't feel like it."
"What if it doesn't work?"
"I'm not good at it."
"It's too hard."

Rising above frustrations: How to deal with common meditation challenges

"I can't sit still."
"My mind keeps wandering."
"Am I doing this right?"
"Am I wasting my time?"
"Is this working?"
"Is it over yet?"

Meditation practices: Techniques from the tradition of Kundalini yoga

Meditation for perspective & emotional balance

This meditation uses the breath, an optional mantra, a mental focus and a mudra to help cultivate a sense of balance and gain emotional perspective.

Meditation for balancing the nervous energies
Meditation for the negative mind
Meditation to connect to your intuition
Meditation for health, energy & radiance
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